Our Showroom has been established on 1991 A.D . We offer different kinds of Thankga Art which is truely painted by Monastery lama's.We are here to provide customer best quality Thankga on whole sell price. We are looking for new partner around the world in order to extend our business so that all people can get our product nearby their local place. Not even, We are exporting our goods in huge quantity to all over the world with in matter of weeks. So , Join us


Thankga  Painting

A thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist scroll painting, often with Buddhas or mandalas. Thangka is a Tibetan word which means so much as ‘recorded message.
Thangkas ,communicate a message to the buddhist practitioner or anyone else looking at them. A thangka painting serves as an aid to teaching, as each detail on it has a deep meaning and refers to parts of the Buddhist philosophy. A Buddha painting also helps your Tibetan Buddhist meditations as it shows you how to visualize the deity.

 Hand made Craft 

Nepal is rich in terms of art and culture.
With its diverse traditions, religions, ethnicities and lifestyles, Nepalese handcrafts are unlike those anywhere else in the world.
Sana Hastakala promotes this wealth by working with producers to market and sell their handicrafts.